Sienna Miller Says Bye Bye to Boho

18 Apr 2012

Swapping hippy chic for sophistication, Sienna Miller reinvents her style

For years it was her signature style but model-turned-actress Sienna Miller has revealed she hates being described as “boho”. The Factory Girl star, who co-founded label Twenty8Twelve with her sister Savannah in 2007, is now a fan of more structured clothes.

“I hate the word boho so much now. I suppose I’m inherently bohemian in terms of the way I am as a person, and I definitely went through a hippy phase with my style, but I think it’s really more about the way my personality is than the way I dress,” said fashion icon Sienna.

She says that now that she’s a little older, she appreciates tailoring but still looks like “a hippy” in a “power suit”.

While she has bowed out of fashion, her sister Savannah is keeping up the family tradition – in Sienna’s attic! She added: “My sister is an amazing designer – she’s working on her new label at the moment. In fact, she’s designing in my attic as we speak. I just can’t wait to wear all of the pieces.”

The good news is that Twenty8Twelve by S. Miller has been renamed and will continue as Twenty8Twelve London from Autumn/Winter 2012-13!

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