Sienna and Tom Confirm Affair!

Ahlan! was the first to reveal their relationship and now they are very much an item...
Monday , 23 May 2011
Sienna and Tom Confirm Affair!
Tom Sturridge and Sienna Miller

Three months ago, Ahlan! was the first magazine to reveal the identity of Sienna Miller’s new love interest when she walked out on Brit actor Jude Law.

But, despite claiming she didn’t leave Jude for another man we still revealed Sisi had secretly been dating Brit actor Tom Sturridge.

Now, after being snapped together several times, the couple have finally confirmed their romance to the world, feeling now is the time to parade their love.

Our source said, “They didn’t admit to being lovers before now and deliberately tried to avoid being snapped together. They claimed they were friends for months but everyone suspected it was more than that.”

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