Sienna’s Six-Pack Workout

08 Jun 2009

Get your bod into knockout shape with Sisi’s gruelling GI Joe training...

SIENNA MILLER has always been open about her less-than-healthy lifestyle. Confessing in the past to be plagued by cellulite and stretch marks, before signing up to her first ever action flick, GI Joe: The Rise Of Cobra, the slim actress had never stepped foot in the gym or watched what she ate claiming, “I don’t eat salads and I don’t drink skinny coffee. I do run around a lot, but I’m not healthy.”

As a complete exercise virgin, kicking her body into knockout condition for her leading role as the sexy, leather-clad, all-fighting Baroness, was one of the hardest tasks she has ever endured – a role that required endless hours of heart-racing cardio, limb-stretching, strength workouts and complex weapons training. The results? A lean, mean action hero body.

Fight club

Packing on 2.2 kilos of muscle thanks to gruelling daily four-hour workouts two weeks before filming started, her trainer, fight coordinator expert Marcus Young revealed, “In six weeks she probably got a six-pack, although you cant see it under that tight black leather costume.”

In order to perfect the on-screen fight sequences, Marcus devised a complex martial arts workout based on Shotokan Karate, Jujutsu, Muay Tai and boxing moves aimed at gaining strength in the arms, back and legs improving flexibility and tone. Using muscle groups Sienna had never used before, the actress admitted, “It was so intense, I noticed my body change quickly.”

The workout

Get fit Sienna-style with her GI Joe workout...

1 Flex appeal
A warm up prepares your muscles to work, prevents injury and improves flexibility pre-workout. Sienna started with 30 minutes of twists, side bends, lunges and the splits, before she dived into her main workout.

2 Ring leader
To follow, Sienna hit the boxing ring for 40 minutes of shadowboxing. This provides an unrivalled body-honing workout, as you are constantly contracting your core, working your legs and using your back muscles.

3 Kicking into shape
Next it was 45 minutes of kicking techniques, which work not just the legs, but the whole body. And the kicking sessions dramatically improved Sienna’s once-inflexible legs and also helped her arms become more defined.

Fight the flab

Sienna’s Trainer Marcus Young reveals his top workout tips to fighting the flab...

“Work hard but listen to your body. I’m an extremist so I push as hard as I can until my body says, ‘Hey it’s time for you to take a day off.’”

“For best results, cross train – alternate martial arts sessions with biking, for example. It’s important not to get bored.”

“When you wake up in the morning do 15 minutes of stretching to get your blood pumping.”

Eat lean. “My diet consists of fish, chicken, vegetables and fruit.”

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