Should I Train On My Own or With Friends?

13 Oct 2012

It totes depends on the kind of person you are

Q: I always finish a race on my own. I never seem to cross the line with anyone I know. So when I’m getting ready for a race, is it better to train on my own or with my friends? Eva, 32
A: Training with a partner does help as you can push each other past any obstacle that’s stopping you from scoring your personal best. If you are the type of person who loses interest or needs a push, then training with someone would definitely help. However, if running is your way to escape from the daily stresses of life, then just putting the right playlist on your iPod can get you through your session and past the finish line in no time.

Omar Al-Duri BSc Sports Science and Education. Voted SHAPE’s Personal Trainer of the Year 2011.