Man kills his own FATHER in Sharjah!

A teenager murdered his father following a heated argument
ByHend FadelSunday , 15 November 2015
Man kills his own FATHER in Sharjah!
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An 18-year-old boy kills his father in Sharjah

A 50-year-old man died in Sharjah after being attacked by his 18-year-old son. The American man of Sudanese origin was rushed to Al Kuwaiti hospital after being struck on the head with a fire extinguisher. 

The incident took place at approximately 12am on Saturday in the father's store located on Al Mahattah road in Sharjah. According to Sharjah Police, the two men had a dispute inside the shop and the son lost his temper. As a result, he picked up a fire extinguisher and hit his father on his head.

According to Gulf News, the father was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead due to internal bleeding and fractures to his skull. The teenager was arrested and taken into custody for investigation. 

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