SHOCKER: Dubai maid murders newborn, dumps baby in garbage

This horrible story will make you lose faith in humanity...
ByHend FadelMonday , 23 November 2015
 SHOCKER: Dubai maid murders newborn, dumps baby in garbage
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A Dubai maid is on trial for throwing her baby in the garbage

A Dubai maid is currently on trial for doing the unthinkable by beating her newborn to death, breaking his skull, and dumping him in the garbage.

The 31-year-old Indonesian woman was accused of killing her newborn, and admitted to throwing the baby in the garbage in February. However, she denied beating him and causing the injuries.

She told Dubai Court: "I did not intend to kill the baby, but I just did not want him”. "After I delivered the baby, I wrapped him in a cloth and put him in a garbage bag and then threw him in the skip. I did not intend to kill him … I just did not want him,” she added.

The baby was still breathing when two cleaners found him in the garbage disposal, however, the baby was taken to Latifa Hospital and died shortly afterwards.

According to reports, the Dubai maid had an affair with a Pakistani man while working for a Saudi family in the Al Barsha Area, and fell pregnant in 2014. She feared being prosecuted for having an illegal affair if she visited a hospital, and told police that “the Pakistani man told her that he would bring some medicine to get rid of the baby, but he disappeared.” Now, the Pakistani man is on trial for having an illegal affair, while the Dubai maid is also on trial for murdering her baby.

According to Gulf News, Dubai Police’s forensic examination report confirmed that the newborn was murdered, and suffered from a broken skull, internal bleeding, with signs of strangling. 

RIP little one... 

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