Shocking Celebrity Singers

19 Mar 2013

Check out these failed music careers, from Kim Kardashian to Paris Hilton – even stars don’t always get it right

Kim Kardashian
Kim! What were you thinking? Luckily, the reality star’s single Jam (Turn it Up) was a one-off charity treat and we haven’t had to endure any more musical gems from the future Mrs West. Yet.

Lindsay Lohan
Of course she’s released a single or two – this is LiLo we’re talking about – and naturally they were shocking. We can’t decide which we preferred, Rumors or Over, but at least they both tie in neatly with the rest of her train wreck of a life, bless her heart.

Eddie Murphy
Oh, Eddie, thank you so much for this musical gift. Eddie’s single, Party all the Time was accompanied by a rather natty album cover featuring bold Ed in what appears to be a faux-leather one piece and gold medallion!

Heidi Pratt
The lovely Heidi released her debut single, Superficial, as she recovered from a mammoth cosmetic surgery session. We can only assume the quality was influenced by the heavy painkillers she must have been on.

Paris Hilton
Who can forget Paris’ reggae-inspired single Stars are Blind complete with its dodgy video, which was strangely reminiscent of the grainy footage that made Hilton a household name in the first place. So unfortunate, but also alarmingly catchy.

Tyra Banks
Finally, a star who’s happy to admit her epic musical failure. America’s Next Top Model judge, Tyra, said of her first single Shake Ya Body, “I was almost able to release my album T.Y.R.A. but since my music career hit rock bottom, I quit.” Well done, dear.

Steven Seagal
Action star Steven gifted us with one of the most special albums we’ve ever heard. Inexplicably entitled Songs from the Crystal Cave, Steve added insult to injury by posing provocatively on the cover with what appears to be a lute. A classic if ever there was.

Kate Moss
She might be the most beautiful woman in the world, but she’s certainly not one of the more musically gifted. Kate used to regularly take to the stage with her ex-BF, Libertines front man Pete Docherty. His paying fans must have been delighted.