Shock Secret Threatens To Ruin Kim’s Wedding!

Kardashian’s put on a false front to hide serious issue
Tuesday , 16 August 2011
Kris and Bruce Jenner's Wedding
Kris and Bruce Jenner's Wedding
Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

When pictures of Kris and Bruce Jenner renewing their vows in Bora Bora were leaked last week, despite the event happening over a month ago, many assumed the Kardashian matriarch was pulling a major publicity stunt to ensure the attention was on her ahead of her daughter Kim’s big day. Yet, it seems the act could’ve actually been a clever rouse to turn the media’s attention away from a growing issue that threatens to ruin her famous daughter’s wedding...

It’s thought the Kardashian clan are worried after Kourtney’s baby daddy, Scott Disick, seemingly fell off the wagon following a recent trip to Las Vegas, which saw him losing control of his previous issues. Scott’s problem has gotten so serious that he has sought the advice from a therapist who told him to keep sober, warning that even one drink would be a slippery slope – “I think … [it] is really dangerous for yourself and your family.”

Yet, the advice wasn’t really taken in with Scott admitting, “I needed to give up to get my life in order but I like to be able to feel normal and to have a drink maybe two drinks and fit in.”

Some sources claim the family are now worried he may cause a problem at Kim’s wedding this week (August 20), speculating that the recently published pictures of the Kardashian family looking happy as they commemorated Kris and Bruce’s 20th anniversary were an attempt to hide the looming problem.

And it seems the tension has gotten to bride-to-be Kim who herself fell off the wagon last week, ditching her super-healthy pre-wedding diet and fitness regime and tucking into junk food at a local fast food chain. The stress has also caused the reality star’s psoriasis condition to flare up with Kim admitting she is seriously feeling the pressure to “look perfect.”

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