Shock As Dubai Restaurant Owner Is "Threatened" By An Unhappy Blogger

It all started when they couldn't bring six friends along
ByFarah AndrewsMonday , 09 July 2018
Shock As Dubai Restaurant Owner Is "Threatened" By An Unhappy Blogger

The fact that bloggers are invited to review restaurants is not new news - in fact, it's a pretty well known fact. But it seems that some are getting a little too big for their boots, and going so far as throwing threats around when they don't get their own way. 

One Dubai restaurant owner, Samer S. Hamadeh, has taken to Twitter to speak about his recent experience with an influencer, who was wanted to head down to check out cool new D3 restaurant, Akiba Dori.

"Just got legit ‘threatened’ by a food blogger after this sequence of events," Samer explained on Twitter, under the user name @IAmMrBrightside. "Blogger reaches out asking for invite to review my new restaurant.

"I say yes of course & that we have a set menu for bloggers + 1 friend at specific times." 


But it seems that wasn't enough for the mystery blogger in question 

"Blogger replies saying no they want to invite 6 people for Friday night," Samer went on to add. "I explain we don’t do bookings so it would be bad for business to keep a table of 6 aside on a busy weekend night. Also invite is for 2." 

And that's when it turned nasty

"Blogger replies saying that they never get limited by any restaurant in the world and that they can pretty much make sure no one from the blogger community visits my restaurant EVER with one review so I need to decide," he adds. "I reply saying I look forward to reading it."

Naturally, people have opinions... 

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