Sheryl Crow Releases Cook Book

05 Dec 2011

Sheryl leaves her rock chick days well and truly behind with the releases of health-conscious cook book

Rock chick Sheryl Crow may not be the first name that springs to mind as far as celebrities likely to pen their own cookbooks go. That said, if rapper Coolio can have his own culinary offering (yes, really, and no, we would not recommend it), Crow morphing into the next Martha Stewart − minus the spell in prison − suddenly seems a lot less improbable. Cookbooks have always formed part of the culinary empires of celebrity chefs like Jamie Oliver and Gary Rhodes, and Crow is now joining celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow and Eva Longoria who are also adding ‘food writer’ to their CVs. And while we hope Crow isn’t secretly harbouring plans to quit music in favour of a career in the kitchen, the singer’s cookbook If It Makes You Healthy, which hit the shelves in March this year, marks an impressive first foray into the gastronomic world. So much so that we’re even willing to forgive the corny pun on her own mega-hit ‘If It Makes You Happy’. Written in partnership with her personal chef Chuck White (known as ‘Chef Chuck’), the idea for the book was born after Crow’s battle with breast cancer inspired her to change her lifestyle in favour of healthier eating options. Boasting 125 delicious and good-foryou recipes – including basil and apple marinated chicken, pecan-crusted trout with edamame succotash and hummus soup with cilantro pesto and garlicky pita chips – the book proves that healthy food certainly doesn’t have to be dull. In keeping with her off-stage activism, the environmentally conscious Crow also encourages the use of locally sourced produce throughout the book, which is available from Amazon and priced at Dhs 115. Now all you need is your own personal chef…