Shereen Mitwalli Butler

Shereen Mitwalli Butler

16 Jun 2014

Palm Jumeirah

The glamorous Butlers have lived in their sea-view, three-bedroom Palm Jumeirah apartment for the past two and a half years. Shereen, who took charge of the month-long interior project, also claimed the spare room, turning it into a lust-after private dressing room. “The biggest frustration for any woman is not having any space for her clothes, shoes, bags and jewellery,” she explains, “so I dedicated one room in my home to just that.”

Luckily, the couple, whose subscription to Wallpaper Magazine and trips involving stays at luxury villas and hotels honed their sense of aesthetics, were in complete agreement when it came to a colour scheme. “All the fundamentals of the house decor are very minimalistic. We both love white, so most of our furniture is white including the leather lounger and chairs,” says Shereen. They chose to break up the starkness by using their art collection – all one-off pieces shipped over from Australia. “I love bright abstract pieces. The artwork adds a splash of colour and life to the home,” she tells us.

The always-joking couple’s priorities diverge when talking about sentimental pieces, the lady of the house opting for “a photo collage wall I created for my husband and I when we got engaged,” while Ross picks his trouser press. “It’s his prized procession for a distinguished man,” laughs Shereen.

The couple is, however, ready for an imminent move. “We don’t intend to do any further work as we are shopping for a villa to purchase in Dubai. It’s been amazing living in an apartment with an incredible view, but it’s time to set up our home to accommodate the little rugrats,” Shereen smiles, adding, “No doubt they will also want their own dressing room.” 

Top Tips 
● Use scented candles to create ambiance. Vanilla is fresh for daytime, while cinnamon is warm and suited to the evening. Lavender, meanwhile, is a clean fragrance that can aid restful sleep.
● Contracting a regular cleaner to keep your home spick and span is a wise investment.