Sharon Stone seeks love advice from Elton John

Sharon Stone seeks love advice from Elton John

12 Feb 2020

And it's about her online dating

Sharon Stone regularly reaches out to Elton John and other celebrity friends for advice about her online dating pursuits.

The Basic Instinct actress relies on her network of A-list pals to help her decide whether or not to court potential love interests she meets on popular dating app Bumble.
"I certainly can go to Sarah Paulson," she explained to Entertainment Tonight. "She's a very dear and lovely friend of mine. So is Holland Taylor. I can go to Iliza Shlesinger for sure. Elton (John) and David (Furnish), for sure."

Sharon's Bumble account was blocked briefly last year over an identity mix-up, but now it has been reinstated and the 61-year-old beauty is dating with a vengeance.
"It's open now. I'm open for business!" she smiled, noting her account was probably suspended due to complaints from sour suitors she declined to date. "I think that I said no to a couple of people that thought that it would be a nice way to be not-so-kind back. I think some people don't like to hear, 'No, no I don't want to go out with you'."

Sharon is excited about the people she's dating but she hasn't found a potential partner yet.
"It's going OK. I'm actually having a nice time," she shared. "I've met a couple of nice people and I've actually made a couple of nice friends by doing that. I'm looking for someone who wants to have a caring and compassionate and loving relationship."

The star's last serious relationship was with publishing tycoon Phil Bronstein, who she divorced in 2004 after six years of marriage. Sharon has been married twice, ending her first union with Michael Greenburg in 1990.