Sharon Osbourne Breaks Down Over Son Jack's Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis

Reality star mum Sharon Osbourne couldn't stop her tears as she opened up on her chat show, The Talk
Monday , 18 June 2012
Despite her tears, Sharon Osbourne has vowed to remain positive
Despite her tears, Sharon Osbourne has vowed to remain positive
Sharon and Jack Osbourne
Sharon and Jack Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne broke down
in tears on live TV in America on 18 June as she discussed her son Jack's
recent multiple sclerosis diagnosis.

News of Jack Osbourne's health battle broke over the weekend and many fans are still
coming to terms with the revelation.

The 26 year old's rocker dad Ozzy and his sister Kelly have already spoken out
to express their shock and his mum Sharon was still struggling to hold it together
as she co-hosted her US chat show The Talk.

With puffy eyes and tears streaming down her face she said, "Jack will
actually be here on Wednesday (20 June) to talk about his diagnosis. But he is
great, he is doing really, really good. Thank you to everyone for all their
good wishes. It's been amazing for Jack because I really believe that... prayer
really helps."

And although Sharon failed to put on a strong front, the 59-year-old has vowed
to remain positive throughout the ordeal.

She added, "What I'm
doing right now is not helping because I'm just feeling sorry for myself and
that is no good and so we need to think positively and get on with this show
that we love."

Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease
that affects the brain and central nervous system and can lead to blindness and
muscular weakness.

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