Shark alert in Dubai!

The Dubai Mall aquarium welcomes new species of sharks to their family
ByAhlan! Live ReporterMonday , 03 August 2015
Shark alert in Dubai!
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Look out for the sharks at The Dubai Mall

A throng of new Caribbean sharks have been added to The Dubai Mall aquarium's 10-million litre tank, which contributes to the 200 species of fish and other marine life that are already present. The aquarium welcomed the smallest members of the hammerhead shark family, the bonnethead, which are 30-50 inches on average in length and weigh up to 24 pounds. This species of sharks are found in shallow bays and coral reef habitats and are distinctly recognized because of their hammer shaped head.

Visitors to the aquarium will be able to learn more about these sharks from the aquarium marine specialists. They will be educated on the communication styles and survival instincts of the species. The Dubai Aquarium is one of the largest fish tanks in the world and is very popular among locals and tourists. We are sure that this new addition species will make it all the more exciting!

For further information, visit or call 04 448 5200.

Shreya Bhatia


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