Sharjah Police rescue woman at airport

She didn't have any food or money
ByMashal AbbasiTuesday , 25 July 2017
Sharjah Police rescue woman at airport
Sharjah International Airport

Here's a feel-good story to put a smile on your face!

The community police divison of Sharjah Police have just helped a Russian lady.

Spotted sitting outside the airport by a memeber of the division, the lady had missed her flight and was stranded.

Upon further questioning, it was revealed that she had arrived to the airport late, without any money and couldn't afford food, let alone a place to rest, before her flight the next day.

This is where Sharjah Police came to the rescue, providing her with a room at a luxury hotel, along with a car service to the airport the following day to ensure she didn't miss her flight.

According to Khaleej Times, Major Ahmad Al Sabousi, Head of the Community Police Department, said, "The community police has been founded to serve the people and the community. Sharjah Police is keen to maintain the safety of passengers and residents, citizens and visitors, and to assist them at any time."

They're doing their job very well, we think!

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