Shakira's Baby Prank

Shakira's boyfriend Gerard Pique has admitted he made a fake announcement about the birth of their baby to celebrate Dia de Los Santos Inocentes, a holiday similar to April Fool's Day
Shakira's Baby Prank
Shakira and Gerard Pique

Shakira's boyfriend has admitted his announcement on the birth of their baby son was a prank.

Gerard Pique posted a message on his Twitter account on Thursday (27 December) saying that Shakira had given birth to their son but he confessed on Friday (28 December) that it was a joke for Dia de Los Santos Inocentes, a holiday similar to April Fool's Day.

Gerard wrote in Spanish: "Our son has been born! We're very happy! Thank you all for your messages!" but later followed up with "He has a name! His name is Innocence! Happy Day of the Innocents to everyone!"

Shakira has been dating FC Barcelona soccer player Gerard for around two years and says he is the "best thing" to ever happen to her, until she got pregnant.

She said: "This man is the best thing that could have happened in my life. And now the baby!"

Shakira only confirmed their relationship last year by posting a picture of them both together on Twitter and Facebook with a caption reading, "I present to you my sunshine." in Spanish.

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