Shake Your Smartphone to Call a Taxi in Dubai!

Shake Your Smartphone to Call a Taxi in Dubai!

24 Jun 2014

We've got more on the new RTA SmartTaxi app

A new mobile application is about to make your life a lot easier! Dubai Road and Transport Authority’s (RTA) brand new SmartTaxi will allow users to order a taxi with just a wave of their smartphone.

The application, released this June, uses GPS technology to identify the location of the customer and then provides them with a booking number. The dispatch system identifies the closest taxi and sends the customer the taxi number and driver information. The app even lets passengers monitor the taxi on a map as they wait.

“Our aim is always to make things easier and increase the happiness of the people of Dubai,” said Abdullah Al Madani of RTA.

The SmartTaxi app is free, and users will not incur any additional charges. It is already available for download on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

There’s no need to place a call anymore – just shake your phone, and the app will do the rest!

INFO: Download SmartTaxi on Google Play and the App Store