Shahd Al Jumaily

The architect who's building a fashion empire with her online clothing store
Wednesday , 23 March 2016
Shahd Al Jumaily
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Shahd Al Jumaily
• Over the last year, I’ve launched two websites: my official blog,, and the online store for my clothing label I’ve also just started a new company away from the fashion scene related to my architecture background.
• I think I’m a workaholic – I only recently realised this! I’ve noticed that I’d rather avoid a fun night out or leave a dinner party early just so I can get back to doing my work.
• I look to the Kattan sisters, Huda, Mona and Alya as key influences. They’re very smart businesswomen. I absolutely love how hardworking they are and how they’ve managed to create a beauty empire within a few years. It makes me very proud to see smart beautiful women from my own country achieve all this success at such a young age.
• With the launch of my new company, my goal is to work on making that a success, as well as launching the new Zanajeel fashion collection. I’d also like to give more time to my family. I’m getting married this year, so I really need to take some time off work to enjoy that new life.
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