Shah Rukh Khan Fractures Shoulders Filming

Shah Rukh Khan Fractures Shoulders Filming

26 Jan 2014

The Bollywood star was injured when a door fell on him on set

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan received hospital treatment on Thursday after he was badly injured on a film set.

The hunky actor was taken to Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai after he suffered a cut to the head while shooting a dance scene for his new movie Happy New Year, after a door fell on top of him. Shah, 48, was discharged after receiving treatment and later returned to work.

A statement from the star's representative reads, “Shah Rukh got a slight cut on his forehead and he was taken to the hospital as a precaution to make sure there was no serious injury.” However, later tests revealed that he fractured his shoulder and damaged his knee by tearing his patella.

Although he felt fine to continue working doctors have oredered Shah to stay off his feet for the next three-weeks.

The heartthrob had also been filming the upcoming movie in Dubai late last year and gave his legion of fans a chance to be extras in some of the scenes.