Shadow Wireless Earphones Look like Jewellery

These new earphones are trendy, stylish and featherlight
Thursday , 10 September 2015
Shadow Wireless Earphones Look like Jewellery
No Sweat: These headphones are waterproof and stylish

If you’re anything like Team Ahlan! then you probably hate it when your headphone wires get caught up in your zips and clothing and manage to always knot themselves together.

Thankfully, Shadow Wireless earphones by Sol Republic has your back with these brand new headsets that produce incredible sound and look incredibly stylish. We tested out the bad-boys to make sure they lived up to their potential and we were impressed mostly by their lightweight technology – we couldn’t feel them.

Jogging on the treadmill with them was nice and easy as they hardly moved at all and because they’re waterproof they didn’t get damaged by sweat. From a fashionable point of view you’d be forgiven for thinking that the Shadows are a piece of jewellery because it’s clean, minimalistic design blends with any style.

The way the device works is way beyond our understanding, but we were able to leave our phones in our pockets and listen to music, take calls, and access our laptop with ease. The only downside is that the earphones currently only come in black or grey. We’d like some in white or pink, but at Dhs404 we don’t mind buying another pair if they ever do release some in our fave colours!

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