Seriously... Fashion Island?

Dubai gives every girl in The World a dream come true...
Wednesday , 09 January 2008
Seth Green
Seth Green

When I was a kid, prancing round in my mum's high heels and smothering Max Factor in places I really shouldn't have been (sorry about the sideboard heirloom I decorated with lipstick love-hearts, mum) I believe I was extremely vocal about my dream. "One day I shall live on an island that ONLY has clothes shops on it. And lipstick shops. And my house will be a massive wardrobe!!! And no boys will be allowed on, ever."

I wonder if the teenage "soon-to-be-head of Dubai Infinity Holdings (DIH)" was loitering outside my semi-detached house in England that morning? And whether they heard that little girl's dream. Because it might well be a few weeks too late for Christmas, but a million women everywhere have just seen their wishes come true. The World's first island devoted entirely to fashion - RIGHT HERE in the UAE.

Of course, it's a slightly more advanced version of the one my eight year old self once envisioned, but that's probably a good thing.

Apparently, the multi-million dollar Isla Moda island, due to be started later this year, will combine a fashion resort, a multitude of themed residential villas, haute couture boutiques and luxury hospitality facilities. It's hardly surprising, but a spokesman for the company has refused to reveal the island's exact value. Well let's face it people, you can't put a value on perfection. We all want a piece of it. Even sitting here at our desks, the Ahlan team are struggling not to pack up shop and leg it to the boundaries with our "HURRY UP AND BUILD IT" signs. We can hardly wait to move to our lipstick shaped desks, in our Jimmy Choo shoe-shaped office, in our towering mascara wand inspired architectural triumph, in our own little corner of Ahlan Street. (Guys? Can you pencil that into the design plans, pretty please?)

I guess a girl never stops dreaming.

High-profile fashion designers from each continent will be involved in designing parts of the island, and if you thought Rodeo Drive in the Mall of Emirates was as good as you were gonna get... think again! Samira Abdulrazzak, CEO of DIH, believes Isla Moda will cement Dubai's position as one of top fashion and lifestyle destinations in the world.

We already know that Brad and Ange have bought a slice of Nakheel's incredible project, Justin's not far away (in a secret location between Dubai and Abu Dhabi) but now this... can we expect the cast of Sex and the City to set up camp? What about fashionistas like Gwen Stefani, Kate Moss, Paris Hilton... oh, it's like dangling that proverbial carrot in front of a thousand walking clothes-horses. And we all know they can afford to sail there, on their own private yachts.

DIH intends Isla Moda to host exclusive international events, all of which will feature high profile-designers, in the presence of the fashion world's top players. Fashion shows and limited edition product launches will also be hosted on the island.

Even if the houses don't look like wardrobes and the clubs aren't shaped like Prada bags... even if the bars don't drape you in Christain Dior and the cars aren't covered in diamonds. Even if they let boys on there, and we have to swim across in light of our "yacht mortgage" being refused, this is one island we're watching like hawks. (Through the lenses of our designer shades, of course. Darling).