September 21: When summer in the UAE is slated to end

Weather reports indicate respite from the heat around that time
ByMashal AbbasiSunday , 13 August 2017
September 21: When summer in the UAE is slated to end

Wake us up when September is ending!

The 21st of the month will officially mark the end of summer, reports the National Weather Bureau.

“After the sun’s rays cross the equator on September 21, or around this time, then the temperature will gradually decrease below the tropical area,” a forecaster from the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) told Gulf News.

During summer in the UAE, the earth’s northern hemisphere faces the sun. Due to the earth’s axis and position at this time, the UAE directly faces the sun, receiving about 2.5 times more energy than the energy received in the North and South poles.

This causes the extreme heat we have been experiencing the past few months here in the country.

The forecaster also said that mercury will continue to be in the high 40s, edging towards 50 degrees Celcius this month and next, until it begins to drop by two to four degrees by late September.

The maximum temperature in the UAE for the month of August has been recorded at 48 degrees from 2003 to 2016, based on NCMS figures. This gradually drops to 45 degrees by September, and to 41.6 in October.
We can't wait for the weather to get better!

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