Selena Gomez: "Managing my depression is a daily struggle"

The starlet has admitted that her battle is far from over
ByAndre NevelingSunday , 02 April 2017
Selena Gomez: "Managing my depression is a daily struggle"
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Selena has opened up about her struggle with depression

Selena Gomez fights hard to balance life and work as she faces symptoms of anxiety and depression daily.

Selena checked herself into rehab last year to address her mental health issues, which have become a huge problem since she was diagnosed with auto-immune disease lupus in 2015.

“Trust me, it's a daily struggle," Selena told news show Extra of her ongoing anxiety and depression treatment. “Balance is the key. Patience. Being kind to yourself. Having grace. I think that's important.

24-year-old Selena relies on the loved ones in her life for support, but she also surprisingly finds confidence and strength for her health pursuits in people who antagonise her.

“My family. My little sister, who is three (keep me going),” she notes, “(But) a lot of the people who have pushed me down have actually motivated me."

“I can't allow myself to believe the words that people are saying to me," she adds.

Selena is currently promoting her new Netflix show 13 Reasons Why, a drama about teenage suicide. This is her first major project as a producer and she admits that not taking a leading role in the show is a whole new experience for her.

“I can't believe this is happening," she says of 13 Reasons Why. “It's just so weird to think about creating something that you're a part of, but I'm not gonna be in front of the camera, which feels so good.”

The new Netflix series debuts on the streaming app on Friday.

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