Selena Gomez Denied Restraining Order Against Stalker

23 Nov 2011

Why the judge refused to hear Selena Gomez's case

Selena Gomez isn't free of her stalker yet, and it's a technicality that's caused the delay. The Disney star will have to wait until 6 January 2012 to find out if her request for a permanent restraining order against the alleged stalker is approved after the suspect failed to show up for a hearing yesterday.

Felony stalking charges against Thomas Brodnicki were dismissed in court last week after a judge ruled there wasn't sufficient evidence that he intended to carry out a threat to kill the teenage singer and actress. He'd told a psychiatrist that he had chats with God about killing the 19-year-old. 

Brodnicki was ordered to stay away from Selena as per the rules of a temporary civil restraining order against him and lawyers for the star returned to a LA court yesterday in a bid to extend the ban for three years.

However, Brodnicki was a no-show for the hearing and the judge refused to hear the case until the suspect could exercise his right to defend himself in court.

Instead, the judge simply extended Gomez's temporary protection order until the next hearing.

Selena who is dating Justin Bieber, hired private security to look after her after LA police experts declared that Brodnicki was a threat to her life.


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