Security guards jailed for stealing more than Dhs1MILLION in Dubai

Security guards jailed for stealing more than Dhs1MILLION in Dubai

06 Nov 2017

They have received a three year sentence followed by deportation

This is what happens when a heist goes wrong!

Six Sri Lankan security guards have been jailed in Dubai after robbing a cash transfer van of Dhs1.1Million, reports Khaleej Times. The incident took place between May 6 and 10 this year, and was planned a mere few days in advance. Maybe a little more preparation would have helped?

At around 1:30pm on May 6, the accused carried out their master plan. They started by entering a shop at the Deira Metro station, where the cash transfer vehicle was expected to arrive. One of guards pretended to go to the washroom as his accomplices distracted shop staff. He instead slipped out to the vehicle and proceeded to steal bags and bags of money from it.

How so? Well, since he was a security guard, the driver of the van knew and trusted him. The security guard would usually collect empty bags from the vehicle, but this time had other plans the driver was clearly unaware of.

The guards fled soon after, in two separate taxis, to Sharjah where they changed and made their way back to Dubai. In Dubai, they gathered at an apartment in Rashidiya, which they had rented out specifically for this purpose.

They then split the cash amongst themselves and proceeded to transfer most of it back to their home country of Sri Lanka. The main accused was arrested shortly afterward by Dubai Police, and the rest were also later found and taken into custody.

Each of the six security guards has received a three year jail sentence, followed by deportation. Dubai Police has also managed to recover all the missing cash, kudos!