Searina Abdel Kader

The architect of a new pop-up market providing a platform for local creative talent
Tuesday , 22 March 2016
Searina Abdel Kader
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Searina Abdel Kader
• I enjoy collaborating with local talent, and a consequence of this has been a new pop-up concept for Abu Dhabi – The Fashion Station. This is a dedicated outdoor event, running for one month on an annual basis at select locations. It provides a creative platform to showcase numerous local and regional fashion, lifestyle and beauty brands.  
• I’ve always been attached to the UAE and consider it my home. My parents have raised me to contribute positively to the community in which I live, and I love supporting local and emerging designers and businesses.
• I was honoured in 2015 by the Abu Dhabi Business Women’s Council with the recognition of my contribution to their business initiatives and to women’s empowerment.
• My dad has been an inspiration to me throughout my life. He’s been pushing me and encouraging me to study at the best schools and university, and to pursue a career I enjoy. My motto is ‘look forward, keep going and never regret.’  
• In September 2014, I had an unfortunate accident where my eyes and face got burnt, but thanks to God’s will and my own insistence, I recovered. This incident changed my outlook on life, however. I’ve channelled that experience to create my fashion collections and to reflect and celebrate that the world is a beautiful place. 
Instagram: @searina, @thestationuae