Sea Bass with Artichokes, Lemon Confit and Girolle Mushrooms

This refined fish dish is bursting with flavour
Thursday , 06 September 2012
Sea Bass with Artichokes, Lemon Confit and Girolle Mushrooms
Sea Bass with Artichokes, Lemon Confit and Girolle Mushrooms

Serves 4

4 sea bass fillets (140g each)
8 lemon segments (1 whole lemon)
4 fresh artichokes
100g fresh girolle mushrooms
4 rocket leaves
4 sundried tomatoes
50g butter
200ml chicken stock
20ml white vinegar
2g chives
2 sprigs thyme
200ml chicken stock
40g carrot, peeled and finely diced
30g white onion, chopped
5g coriander seeds
100ml sugar syrup
1 star anise
50ml olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

1. Peel and trim the artichokes and place in lemon water to avoid blackening. 
2. Take a pot and, over a medium heat, cook the onion in olive oil then add the carrots, thyme, coriander seed and star anise. Pour in the vinegar and reduce.
4. Add the artichokes, fill the pot with chicken stock and season to taste. Cook until soft. Remove the artichokes and blend ½ to purée. Then add the butter and set aside. Keep the rest of the artichokes for the garnish. 
5. Sautée the girolle mushrooms in olive oil until golden brown. Add shallots and chives, and season to taste.
6. Take a non-stick pan and fry the sea bass skin side first. Don’t forget to season with salt. Turn the sea bass once the skin is crispy, then add the butter and finish cooking – another 2 to 3 minutes will be enough.

To Serve
1. Reheat the artichoke purée and place in the middle of the plate. Add the cooked sea bass on top.
2. Reheat the whole artichokes, cut in ½ and place around the fish. Garnish with girolle mushrooms, rocket salad and lemon confit. Finish with sundried tomatoes. 

Top Tip
To make the lemon confit, keep the lemon segments in sugar syrup for at least 2 to 3 days, after which you take them out, torch them and put the browned segments back into the sugar syrup.

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