Scott Disick Gives Rob Kardashian Fatherly Advice

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ByAriel Robinson Monday , 15 August 2016
Scott Disick Gives Rob Kardashian Fatherly Advice
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Scott Disick dishes out the advice

Scott Disick has been dishing out parenting advice to the soon-to-be-father, Rob Kardashian. 

The reality star said, “I think every day is such a big day, especially when you’re a dad. I’ve given Rob a lot of advice, but all things, I think, will pan out in the whole television thing that we do. I think people will see it there.”

He even gave the youngest Kardashian some words of wisdom for Kylie’s 19th birthday. “I think she lives in a much different parachute than I lived in when I was 19. The world is pretty intense. I give her the utmost respect with the way she’s been able to carry herself with all the publicity that surrounds her.”

The 33-year-old just returned from a trip to Massachusetts with his ex Kourtney Kardashian and their three children where he said they, “slept, relaxed, swam, drove around, saw the sights. We checked out different restaurants and went to some candy stores for the kids.”

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