Scotland's Aylissa Boyce joins Dubai 92

Scotland's Aylissa Boyce joins Dubai 92

09 Apr 2015

The Breakfast Show finally has a new co-host

After the news of Geordiebird’s departure from Dubai 92’s Breakfast Show, there has been much speculation over who would fill the hot seat next to Catboy. Well, wonder no more, because we can finally reveal that the latest addition to the station’s line-up is Scottish presenter Aylissa Boyce. Ahlan! caught up with Aylissa and Catboy ahead of her debut on Sunday to find out what their new show has in store for us.


What can we expect from the new show?

Catboy: You can expect some of your favourite bits to be exactly where they’ve always been and, of course, I will still be me. Middle-aged. Grumpy. At odds with modern society. Struggling to understand the complexities of fatherhood and marriage. We’ve also got a whole heap of new features. We just want people to get to wherever they’re going a little happier than when they set off.

Aylissa: Yeah, there’s a lot of laughs in the morning, and that’s our main aim. Also, I’m an absolute stranger to Dubai so I would love listeners help with getting to know the place.


If you didn’t have to get out of bed to do the show every morning what would you do instead?

Aylissa: I would do the radio show from my bed.

Catboy: Most mornings I’d lie in bed with my wife, drink coffee and watch <Grand Designs>, before whipping up a vegetarian (yet totally unhealthy) breakfast for everybody.


Sum up the UAE in three words:

Aylissa: Exciting, fun, hot!

Catboy: Home sweet home!


What’s helps you create an amazing show each day?

Catboy: People. I can prepare funny stories, big competitions and stupidity, but when the phone rings and we get a good caller, that’s always the highlight of the show.


If you weren’t an RJ, what would you do?

Aylissa: I would like to be a teacher – I love kids and I'm probably as immature as them sometimes.

Catboy: Writing. I love it, in whatever form it takes. Stories, scripts, columns… I don’t mind as long as my mind is kept busy and creative.


Who would you rather be trapped in a lift with and why: Kim K or Beyoncé?

Aylissa: Beyoncé, because she could sing sweet songs to me.

Catboy: Only an idiot would get in that lift.


Armani or Primani?

Aylissa: Primani all the way.

Catboy: I’d rather go for ‘Comfi’.


One Direction or Backstreet Boys?

Aylissa: One Direction. I’m a massive fan. It's not even a guilty secret, I especially like Niall (marry me?).

Catboy: One Direction. Never liked BSB and shouldn’t really like 1D, but the songs get into my head.


Gwyneth Paltrow or Chris Martin?

Aylissa: Chris Martin, because I went to see Coldplay in Glasgow and it was one of the best gigs of my life.

Catboy: Chris Martin. Even though he’s back on the meat, I still love him. And I hate snobs who reject Coldplay outright just because they’re popular. The Coldplay gig in Abu Dhabi a few years ago was hands-down the best gig this country has ever put on.


Angelina Jolie or Jen Aniston?

Aylissa: #TeamJen. I’m a big fan of Friends!

Catboy: I think Ange would be more interesting and definitely more challenging, although, after years in the wilderness since <Friends>, Jen recently won me back with her performance in <Cake>. So, I would have to say both. Not to my wife though. To her I would say <neither>!


Is Kanye a genius or a massive idiot?

Aylissa: I really like Kanye's music but he is a massive cringe sometimes.

Catboy: Neither. He’s good at marketing… Which seems to count for everything these days. I actually like him. He’s just Gaga without the meat dress. A soundbite-generating monster. Perfect for the Twitter generation.


Where do you want to retire, and why?

Aylissa: Let's not talk about retirement, I only just got this job!

Catboy: Who mentioned retiring? Seems like a slightly loaded question! I don’t have anywhere in mind. Somewhere in the country and somewhere coastal. My wife is from the New Forest, which seems lovely. I’d be pretty happy ending up down there.


Who is the last person you went to dinner with?

Aylissa: My last dinner was my 'Goodbye' dinner in Scotland with my friends and family. I'll miss them loads, but I'm sure they'll be inviting themselves over to sleep on my couch.

Catboy: My wife, Lorra, and kids, Leo, Honey and Betsy Pearl. We went to PikNik at The Westin (that’s as close as I get to dinner with my hours).


Worst celeb you’ve met, and why?

Aylissa: Avril Lavigne when I was 12. Me and my best mate Rach met her and got a picture with her. Three weeks later, when the picture was developed, she had her head down. Life ruined!

Catboy: Omid Djalili. I love the guy on TV and was really excited to interview him, but he made it as difficult as possible. I was gutted.


Best celeb you’ve met, and why?

Aylissa: Ed Sheeran, because he was so incredibly sweet and asked me out to Nandos. I'm still waiting for his call.

Catboy: Michael Palin. My hero. A man who, after half a century in the entertainment business, is still a gentleman and an inspiration. I often refer to him as my fantasy granddad. And he’s from Sheffield. The greatest city on earth.


What superpower do you want?

Aylissa: I would like the power of echolocation. I'd be able to locate objects by using sound waves like a bat. I would never lose my keys again.

Catboy: The ability to slow down or freeze time, as it’s a precious commodity that I am desperately in need of.


Worst job you’ve ever had?

Aylissa: I worked at a well- known pizza restaurant. The job was really great but the fact that there was a constant stream of free pizza was dangerous.

Catboy: I worked on a building site in the middle of winter with holes in my boots and the boss would often send me on to an unfinished icy roof, even though he knew I suffered from vertigo.


Last time you laughed out loud – and what made you do it?

Aylissa: When my tiny dog barked at a massive Alsatian and it bolted. I think my dog has small-man syndrome!

Catboy: I was lighting candles at home when I noticed my two-year old daughter, Betsy Pearl, going around singing the full <Happy Birthday> song at each one, then blowing it out.


How do you want to be remembered?

Aylissa: As someone who lived life to the full, took risks and made people smile.

Catboy: As a nice, normal bloke who didn’t let the job go to his head. [END ICON] 


Five things you didn’t know about…


I cry at any sign of sentimentality on TV or in films.

I honestly believe I could land a plane if the pilot got ill (with no experience).

I have a dexterous tongue which I can turn into a shamrock and blow bubbles off.

If I cuddle you, you are very special as I am vehemently against physical contact.

I do not like being on sand or grass and will not go to the beach or on a picnic with adequate seating.



I have an honours law degree (LLB) from the University of Aberdeen. I worked hard for 4 years to get it then I gave it all up for radio – that's love!

I am a big fan of football – I am a follower of Aberdeen FC and have even managed to have a kick about on the pitch.

I have had a top 100 single in the UK iTunes chart.

I am a big dog lover- I have a two year old Lhasa Apso/Terrier who'll be moving to Dubai with me.

I am not a natural blonde. Of course, you didn't know that, right? Do I need my roots done again?!