Scooter boards BANNED by UAE airlines!

Planning to take a scooter board on holiday with you? Think again...
ByHend FadelSunday , 13 December 2015
 Scooter boards BANNED by UAE airlines!
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Scooter boards have been banned in multiple airlines

Scooter board have already been banned by malls across Dubai following complaints from shoppers and business owners. Now the motorised devices have now been banned by numerous airlines due to safety concerns. 

Emirates, Etihad and flydubai have urged passengers to avoid traveling with scooter boards, due to their lithium batteries that may overheat or catch fire if brought into contact with other metal objects.

According to 7Days newspaper, Emirates is confiscating scooter boards from passengers who have been attempting to travel with them. Meanwhile, flydubai said that the motorised devices will not be allowed onboard, in hand luggage or check-in bags.

Major American airlines including Delta, American and United have also banned the device. There have already been multiple reports in the US of the scooter boards catching fire due to the overheating of the board's lithium batteries.

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