Scammers are using UAE billionaires' identities to lure victims

Scammers are using UAE billionaires' identities to lure victims

15 Oct 2017

Facebook is the latest scam platform in the UAE

Forbes Magazine has just published it's list of the World’s Richest Arabs 2017, with names of UAE billionaires such as Majid Al Futtaim, Saif Al Ghurair and Abdullah Al Ghurair.

Scammers on Facebook are taking advantage of this, by using the names and photographs of these billionairs to lure in victims. The next time you see Majid Al Futtaim or any of the country’s billionaires photos on Facebook along with a fishy caption such as “Majid: We will make everyone rich!”, beware, reports Gulf News.

Scammers are 'quoting' said billionaires in get-rich-quick schemes. One of the scams brings up a fake CNN Money article, which describes an easy work from home scheme that can make you rich in 30 days (we wish).

A fake Forbes website may also appear, but watch out for a ‘z’ instead of an ‘s’! 

These scam links redirect victims to a page that collects personal information. “Enter your first name and best email to proceed. This qualifies you for an instant matching deposit bonus of up to $10,000” (Dhs36,700), it says.

Do not, under any circumstances, enter your personal information on these websites.

Please ensure online safety for yourselves and your families, in this day and age scammers are everywhere!