Say Hello to Dubai’s First Biorganic Vegan Café

Tidjoori to open its doors in Dubai Marina next week
ByJasmine BandaliWednesday , 21 January 2015
Say Hello to Dubai’s First Biorganic Vegan Café

In the land of carnivores comes a breath of fresh air for the vegan community, with the opening of Tidjoori. Free from animal products, this is where those enjoying a meat-free lifestyle will be able to indulge with abandon with a whole new world of biorganic and vegan choices under one roof.

With the pressure on to be forever bikini-perfect (thankfully not while the rain holds up and we can seek solace in a creamy hot chocolate – sorry, I digress), going vegan has become an en vogue diet of choice among the A-list and is becoming increasingly popular with regular meat eaters who want to shed the pounds naturally. However, founder of Tidjoori, Krishna Koemar believes that it is a lifestyle commitment that promotes well-being and has collaborated with F&B consultants, Restaurant Secrets Inc, to come up with this franchise-able model.

“The last 9 months have been a ‘healthy’ journey of conceptualising and launching this pioneering F&B concept in Dubai,” said Ralph Omar, Co-Founder of Restaurant Secrets Inc.

“The owner, Mr. Koemar approached us with ambitious plans to pioneer and sustain the Vegan movement in Asia and the Middle East and we are here to help make that happen.”

Owner Krishna Koemar added, “Tidjoori was born from the need for sustainable healthy vegan options that feed families and generations in a delicious and organic way. For us, Tidjoori represents a new journey, a fresh path and a positive way of eating.

He continued, “Vegan cooking is like going back to Mother Nature to discover new tastes and adventures. Our Chefs use natural Biorganic products and create vegan food that is not only nutritious but also harmonious to the human body and soul.”

Catering to a broad spectrum of food intolerances and offering clear and honest labelling, Tidjoori is the perfect place to experience a new way of eating, and to shop for every day bioorganic vegan basics.

The welcoming interior is bright, spacious and airy with a botanical theme, eco-friendly furniture and an open kitchen serving up an all-day dining menu, with breakfast highlights including tofu omelettes and oatmeal pancakes and lunch and dinner items such as the Island pizza, topped with Tidjoori chilli ‘chicken’, pineapple, red bell peppers and coriander followed by indulgent desserts like rose, saffron and vanilla crème brûlée or a deliciously vegan chocolate orange cake.

Ralph Omar concluded of the new concept, “A new journey can never start without a spirit of adventure – for a truly delicious vegan experience, come and try it out. It could be your start to a healthier lifestyle.”

INFO: Trident Tower, Dubai Marina, 04 386 3131,


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