Savour An Ethnic Food Safari

14 Mar 2013

Frying Pan Adventures launches ethnic food tours in Dubai

It’s so easy to live a life of decadent dining in Dubai, but what about uncovering all the teeny ethnic eats and unsung heroes hidden away in older neighbourhoods?

That’s exactly what food blogger Arva Ahmed brings us with Frying Pan Adventures and her four-hour walking tours of three pockets of Dubai, each with its own foodie heritage. Choose from Arabian Deira, Indian Meena Bazaar or North African Hor Al Anz. I opted for the latter, where over the course of our food safari we tasted treats from Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Ethiopia. Starting our journey with Egypt, we devour fava bean falafels and koshari, a street-food snack brimming with rice, lentils, macaroni, fried onions and spicy tomato sauce. In Tunisia, we dig into a crisp deep-fried brik pastry stuffed with tuna and oozing with egg. Morocco beckons with a sweet-savoury bastilla pie enveloping shredded chicken and almonds, sprinkled with castor sugar and cinnamon, plus the main course, a meatball and egg tagine. A few other nibbles thrown in along the way, and it’s time for Ethiopia with a rich onion and berbere spiced chicken and egg stew, Doro Watt, scooped up with our hands and fermented injera bread.

Bubbly Arva, who guides every tour, brings her encyclopaedic knowledge of food to every single dish and ingredient, so not only do you walk away with a bursting tummy, but a head full of historical foodie facts.

INFO: Dhs350 including mini bus transfers from Mall of the Emirates;