Saudi Arabia is the Leading Source of Spam in the GCC

28 Dec 2011

Kuwait and the UAE round up the top three sources of spam email in the region

We’ve all spent time deleting those annoying spam emails that clog our inboxes, and wondered where it’s all coming from. Well, at least for the GCC, most of it is coming from Saudi Arabia. Kaspersky Lab’s spam report for the GCC in the third quarter of 2011 reveals that the country is a local leader as a source of spam.

51.92 per cent of spam in the GCC originates from Saudi Arabia, followed by Kuwait (21.23 per cent), the UAE (18.01 per cent), Bahrain (3.99 per cent), Oman (3.65 per cent) and Qatar (1.20 per cent).   

Those numbers aside, all the GCC countries combined account for only 1.33 per cent of all global spam. The reason? The region has a relatively low number of users compared to the rest of the world.

So even Saudi Arabia, the country with the biggest population in the region, contributes only 0.69% towards the global sources of spam.

Maria Namestnikova, Senior Spam Analyst at Kaspersky Lab, explains, “Even though Saudi Arabia is the most populated county in the Middle East region, its population can’t be compared with that of countries like India and Indonesia. That’s one of the reasons why the amount of spam even from this country is so low. The second reason is that users are careful about protecting their computers.”

Globally, there’s a whole new sets of leaders when it comes to spam. 50 per cent of all spam messages in the world originate from just six countries: India (14.8 per cent), Indonesia (10.6 per cent), Brazil (9.65 per cent), Peru (6.65 per cent), South Korea (5.85 per cent) and Ukraine (3.7 per cent).

It’s something to think about the next time you encounter all that spam!