SATC 3 is Being Filmed?

SJP was seen filming something around New York
BySarah Hedley HymersThursday , 21 May 2015
SATC 3 is Being Filmed?

As Candi Staton’s You Got the Love kicked in for the closing scene of iconic series SATC, my flesh rose with goose bumps, my throat closed up and big fat tears rolled down my cheeks. Never again would I be so moved by a TV show. I was 25 when it started – following a similar career path to lead protagonist Carrie Bradshaw – and I successfully navigated my way into my thirties because of it. I viewed the consequent SATC films as sound guides to being forty-something (yes, even the critically slaughtered second one about living the high life in the Middle East), and I would gladly give up my Manolos to see a third. If Sarah Jessica Parker’s recent Carrie-worthy photo shoot in New York is anything to go by, my screen dreams may be about to come true. SJP tweeted “guess the cat’s out of the bag” and what better promo shot could Carrie have for her final film than rocking a New York cab bonnet?

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