Sartorial Spotlight

Sartorial Spotlight

30 Aug 2013

Fashionista and founder of My ExWardrobe Sian Rowlands lets Ahlan! in to her oh-so- fashionable life!

Business woman and style queen Sian Rowlands founded the UAE’s first second-hand clothing events company, My Ex Wardrobe, with her sister. She spends her whole life sourcing unique clothes, so we decided to take a look in her wardrobe to find out what it takes to be fabulously stylish. 

Describe your style?
A complete mixture. Some days I want to be glamorous and other days I want to go for casual style. It very much  depends on my mood. 

Which celebrity’s style do you love?
Zooey Deschanel – she has a quirky style. I think it’s important to be individual. 

Which celebrity’s style do you hate?
Kristen Stewart – she just makes no effort!  

Favourite designer?
Elie Saab. Each of his pieces is truly elegant and sophisticated. 

Favourite high-street store?
Ted Baker always wins for me, I buy something every time I go in there!  

And your favourite online fashion store?
It has to be They have everything and deliver really quickly to the UAE, which is rare.

What’s currently on your to-buy list? 
A classic white shirt. It’s something that goes with everything. 

Top trends for this season?
Monochrome. I like to wear it in the form of Aztec prints, as you can see!

And the best piece of fashion advice you’ve ever been given?
Dress for your shape; don’t try to make a trend work for you if it doesn’t suit your body. Also don’t worry about what size you’re buying and just look for something that actually fits.

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