Sarah S Belhasa

Founder of Studio 8
Sarah S Belhasa
Sarah S Belhasa

Her upmarket, multi-brand boutique, which offers some of the most exquisite and feminine designs from local and international designers, has just opened in The Dubai Mall.

Tell us about your new store.
To open in The Dubai Mall has been my goal for the last couple of years but I wanted the right location, which I finally have.

How does Studio 8 stand out from the crowd?
It’s all about making a woman feel her best, her most feminine and her most confident. It’s a unique mix of designers from all over the world. It’s very upmarket and it’s ever changing with new collections arriving each week.

What is the Studio 8 concept?
One-off pieces that are feminine, luxurious and individual.

How do you choose your designers?
We really gravitate towards local UAE designers as well as Bahraini, Lebanese, Kuwaiti, Indian and Pakistani designers. But we also have collections from Romanian designers, so it really depends if the collection and the quality match our criteria.

Which designers are in vogue right now?
In Studio 8 the most popular are Summaya for Arabic and Manish Malhotra for ethnic.

What’s your style?
I like to be classy, colourful and conservative all in one. Quite a challenge but that’s why I think my look bridges the gap between feeling attractive and maintaining my cultural sensitivities.

What are this season’s must-haves?
Very pretty, very funky printed clutch bags and Swarovski-studded shawls.