Sandra Bullock's stalker intrusion: Her TERRIFYING 911 call revealed!

Listen to the traumatic emergency call she made from her closet
ByAndre NevelingTuesday , 14 April 2015
Sandra Bullock's stalker intrusion: Her TERRIFYING 911 call revealed!
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We're just glad Sandra's okay!

In June 2014 Sandra Bullock made world headlines when she woke up to an intruder in her house. The actress ran upstairs and locked herself in her closet where she hid from her stalker, Joshua Corbett. While in the closet, Sandra made an emergency 911 call for help and was later rescued.

Last week the terrifying distress call was played during court proceedings, and it’s now made its way online. New details also reveal that Corbett stalked Sandra outside her house for several days and was found with a notebook containing 25 declarations of love towards Sandy. “You are so hot and intelligent and lithesome and taut,” the judge read from the spiral notebook, followed by an explicit, sexual entries. “One sees there is more than merely a desire for connubial bliss, however misplaced,” the judge commented. We just think it’s creepy!

Listen to Sandra’s phonecall below…

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