Is Sandra Bullock Falling for her Co-Star?

12 Aug 2012

The actress has become close with comedian Bill Burr

Sandra Bullock may be America’s sweetheart, but she has
never been very lucky in love! According to new reports from The National Enquirer, that could all be

The paper reported that the 48-year old has become “fast
friends” with comedian Bill Burr, who she’s starring with in new flick The Heat.

But The Enquirer notes that Bill already has a girlfriend!
A source dished, “Sandy hasn’t laughed so hard or looked so good in years – and
it’s all thanks to Bill… They’re constantly joking and cutting up together.
Sandy says they bonded so quickly be­cause they’re both of German-Irish
descent, and they get each other’s quirky sense of humor.”

When Sandra's ex Matthew McCo­naughey got married recently to longtime
girlfriend Camila Alves, many reported that Sandra was crushed and The Enquirer
reported that she’s “still undergo­ing counseling to deal with trust issues
involving men”, particularly her cheating ex Jesse James. But despite getting
help, is she falling for a taken man?

“Nobody wants to see Sandy hurt again,” said the insider,
adding, “but it’s just so good to see her beaming.”