Sandra Bullock prepares for court battle

Sandra’s $250million divorce

29 Mar 2010

And she’s fighting for custody of his daughter

Nearly two weeks after the news broke that Jesse James had cheated on his Oscar-winning wife Sandra Bullock, not only have 10 more girls come forward and alleged that they also had affairs with the Monster Garage star but it’s also been reported that Sandra is now planning to divorce her husband of five years.

Since the news broke, Sandra stormed out of their California home and has been in hiding with a close friend and is said to be talking to lawyers regarding a divorce from Jesse. "Since she walked out on him, she's been stashed away in a safe house by one of her most trusted pals, and is now trying to pick up the pieces of her life," the insider told the National Enquirer. "She will never forgive Jesse”.

Sandra’s also planning on fighting for custody of Jesse’s six-year-old daughter Sunny having raised his daughter since before she could walk. “Sandra is beside herself with worry,” a Hollywood source told The Mirror. “She thought she had the perfect marriage. Now she feels that she’s at risk of losing everything. Sunny means the world to her. She loves that girl to death and the last thing she wants is for any of this to affect their relationship. Sandra and Sunny have a special bond. She raised her since before she could walk. She did everything for that girl and now it looks as if she’s going to have to fight even for visitation rights. It’s heartbreaking.”

It’s also been revealed this week that friends suspected Sandra’s marriage was on the rocks when Jesse visited her just once on the set of her hit movie The Blind Side: "The worst thing is that Sandra really didn't have a clue that Jesse was cheating on her. When she found out, it hit her hard."

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