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Sandance Social Media Storm

02 Jan 2014

Ticket-holders vent anger over traffic chaos

Sandance ticket-holders have taken to social media to vent their anger over traffic chaos which saw many celebrate New Year's Eve on buses or in the street.

Websites have sprung up criticizing the organisers. "Scamdance", "Busdance" and "Sue Sandance" have appeared on Facebook.

Sandance have said they are "extremely sorry" over what happened. Thousands of people failed to reach the event after getting on buses from the American University in Dubai Media City. Gridlock meant some were stuck for up to seven hours as they tried to get to the event at Atlantis, The Palm.

It is understand refunds will be offered. Tickets started at just under Dhs500, while some had paid thousands of dirhams for tables.

Here is the full statement from Sandance:

"The safety and satisfaction of our guests is our main priority and as such we worked under the guidance of our partners and the local authorities to provide an incredible New Year’s Eve experience as Dubai tried to break the world record for the largest firework display in 2013. 

We are extremely sorry that after months of preparations with the local authorities that some of our guests were not able to reach Sandance or experienced significant traffic delays. 

Our loyal fans of Sandance know that each festival we aim to blow away our guests with an incredible experience and great line up.

We regret that many guests did not experience Sandance as it was planned  and will provide a resolution for the guests that were impacted  within the next 48 hours. "

Here are some of the latest comments.

Danielle Kristin Jarvis: Sandance, I'd like to know why I flew all the way from NYC JUST for the Oakenfold show at Sandance paid >$2000 (USD, not AED) apiece just for flights, got in the night before NYE night, leave on the 2nd, got on a bus at 7 pm (well before the cut off), then sat on said bus for hours, eventually as it wasn't moving, walked, THREE AND A HALF MILES in heels, to the tunnel, was turned away as not on one of the non moving buses, backtracked and begged to get on one of the buses, then sat on that bus until ONE THIRTY AM, missing the fireworks entirely, and then the bus was turned around once IT reached the tunnel.

Susan Parker Come on folks I mean really it's hardly Sandance fault considering the restrictions were put in place by Nakheel and RTA. Everyone was made aware road would be closed from 9pm-1am so get there's Dubai...hardly a shocker.

Ola Al Kilani Bad organising, all what u did u took our money and spoiled our night. We spent hours on the street, walked all the way to Atlantis then management didn't allow us to get in.

Ecaterina Isac Thank you Sandance it was EPIC FAIL, if Dubai is not able to organise a concert, how they want to organise such big event as EXPO?

Aayat Al Mansoor Thanks #sandance for ruining my NYE ! Worst organizing ever !!!! VIP tickets are useless ! We didn't even get in ! Don't mislead people with false advertisement , when u say that the last bus leaves at 9pm ! And we get to AUD at 7 ! Get stuck in a queue to get our wrist bands for an hour then another hour to get on a bus ofcourse with being shoved and pushed around like a sack of potatoes ! And end up stuck in traffic then we find out that the buses aren't allowed into the palm , so we walk for 7km . At the end we aren't allowed in!

Michael Melaku Apology wouldn't solve anything. You ruined the night for a lot of us. I regret I gave it a shot and ruined the wonderful NYE we could have had anywhere else other than Sandance.

Victoria Rushton 4hrs on a bus from AUD to Atlantis. Reached Sandance at 12. It was sooo scary 1, 000 of people had walked over the motorway onto the palm. Police road blocks at the main tunnel turning people away who weren't part of Sandance. It was mostly Indian workers who hijacked our bus. People where hitting the bus windows & refusing to move out of the way. It was crazy scary

Arzoo Iqbal Edroos I've been a loyal Sandance fan, attended most of your usual gigs & your NYE gigs since the past 2 years and decided to attend this one too even though you'll had inflated the price by 50% since the line up was promising but was majorly disappointed & disgusted about how Sandance has become all about the money now & no longer about ensuring the people have a good & safe time.

@MJalkaabi 14h It was like a zombi land! on the bus from 8, walked 4 KM, then got in another bus tell 2 and returned to AUD! Worst night ever!

@Farjad_Mahmood 14h Me and 2 of my friends reached AUD at 7.New Years celebration was on the streets.We wasted 5 hours after which we went back home