89th Annual Academy Awards  Show

Samuel L Jackson attended the Oscars just for the goody basket!

28 Feb 2017
By Ahlanlive.com

The actor was at his candid best on the Ellen show

Samuel L Jackson recently said that he attended the Oscars in the hope of receiving the ceremony's famed goody basket.

The actor told this to TV host Ellen DeGeneres, the day after the Awards were held, and explained that the appeal of showing up to the annual event begins and ends with free gifts.

He said, “You always go for the goody basket. They stopped giving them to presenters. They just give them to people who are nominated. So, I’m done with that. It’s all about the basket.”

When Ellen asked the actor if he really needs free stuff since he is one of the world's biggest movie stars, he said, “Everybody likes free stuff. What’s the best thing about being famous? Free stuff.”