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Samuel L Jackson Almost Lost his Role for New Tarzan Film

04 Jul 2016

The Pulp Fiction actor was too bony for the part

Samuel L Jackson almost lost his role for the upcoming movie The Legend of Tarzan because he was way too skinny.

The 67-year-old actor lost over 13 kg on a strict vegan diet for a film he was shooting in Germany and that’s when he met The Legend of Tarzan’s director, David Yates.  

Samuel explained to WENN his meeting with David: “When David and I first met and he cast me I looked one way, and then I went off to Germany to do this other film and when I got back to London I’d lost 30 pounds (13kg).”

He continued by saying that his agent called him and said: “They’re gonna fire you if you don’t gain 20 pounds (9kg)! They want you to be formidable.” The actor then claimed that he directly went to buy a burger and “stopped being a vegan pretty much immediately.”

While co-stars Margot Robbie and Alexander Skarsgard were on a strictly diet during the film’s shooting, Samuel enjoyed daily feasts. He laughed while saying that “he had the same dieticians they had, but they were giving me food.”

The actor will play American adventurer and Civil War soldier, George Washington Williams. The Django Unchained star admitted he didn’t know how important his character was in history until he started shooting the movie and made research about the adventurer.

The Legend of Tarzan will hit theatres July 28!