Sameera Anand

Sunday , 23 September 2012

Experimenting with fabrics, layouts and furniture, Sameera wanted the overall feel of her Jumeirah villa to be fun, rather than traditionally elegant. Combining cultural influences seems to be her forté – she used to live in Hong Kong, but hails from India, and her décor features subtle yet exotic Oriental overtones.
Customised asymmetric Chinese-inspired cabinets vie for attention with chairs re-upholstered with vibrant motifs evocative of India, like rickshaws, traffic policemen at the Gateway of India and mythological hero Hanuman holding a double-decker bus.
Yet Sameera also makes space for art – she loves her set of three black-and-white MF Husain sketches.
Sentimental pieces are also important; Vietnamese panels that she brought back by hand from Hanoi in 2004 have been inlaid into a sideboard. And she keeps her wedding saris in a cupboard made by Indian company Godrej. “It is a complete eyesore,” she admits, “but it has moved with us across Mumbai, Delhi, Thailand, Hong Kong and now Dubai.”