Samantha Wood

The food critic who's introducing the world's best artisan ingredients to the UAE
Sunday , 20 March 2016
Samantha Wood
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Samantha Wood
• Over the last year, I’ve taken FooDiva from an impartial restaurant review website to another level by curating upscale luxury ‘dine around’ experiences that introduce the world’s best ingredients to UAE chefs and culinary influencers. The events take in three or more restaurants in one evening, each serving a different course paired with drinks, with the aim of supporting the growth of the UAE’s food and beverage industry.  
• I also organise culinary influencer trips for clients in the hospitality, travel, food and beverage industries to raise awareness of the international food scene among UAE residents. We live in a primarily expat society that loves to travel (and loves to eat), and the rise of culinary tourism is a market that I’m enjoying championing.
• Last year, I launched a FooDiva dining app to supplement my website, giving impartial food reviews by map reference for restaurants in your location.
• I’m a workaholic, and coupled with a relentless drive to innovate and mega organisational skills, I’m continually looking for ways to grow FooDiva. This year’s all about seeking investment to expand the website and its offerings outside the UAE, with a particular focus on the Far East. Here in the UAE, I want to develop a campaign that minimises food wastage in restaurants and hotels. 
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