Is Sam Destroying Lindsay?

25 Mar 2009

Police drama, out-of-control partying and violent catfights... Ahlan! asks, how much is Sam to blame for Lindsay’s demise?

Despite the recent warrant for her arrest being dismissed by a California judge last week, Lindsay Lohan’s latest legal wrangling has further exposed her destructive party lifestyle – with many pointing the finger of blame at her DJ girlfriend, Sam Ronson.

Earlier this month, cops issued a Dhs184, 000 warrant for Lindsay’s arrest – amid claims she’d failed to comply with the terms of her probation, relating to her 2007 DUI – but instead of turning herself in, the former drug and alcohol addict hit the Hollywood party circuit

Wild weekend
In the lost weekend that followed, Linds was spotted guzzling from a cocktail glass, at the Chateau Marmont, partying at the Hollywood home of Jack Nicholson until 4.30 am, and hiding from the cops after a bust-up with Sam.

Online ramblings
Now, in a series of bizarre leaked blogs – posted in the hours following the furious row with Sam - an incoherent Linds has blamed her reckless behaviour on Sam, who ditched her to perform a DJ gig, shortly after cops issued the warrant.

“Should you end it if the one person in the world fails to love, hold/comfort, apologize, and cherish you the night before jail?,” she ranted on social networking site Twitter.

Vicious fights

The emotionally-charged catfight – during which Linds broke a window – is the latest in a long line of emotionally exhausting spats between the volatile pair.

“Everyone is urging Lindsay to leave her,” spilled a pal. Adding, “They have the worst fights almost every day, but it’s always Lindsay that ends up doing the crawling.”

While Lindsay’s dad, Michael Lohan, has blasted Sam, saying, “Mark my words, as long as Samantha Ronson is in Lindsay’s life, nothing is going to go right!”

Obsessive hold
But Lindsay seems unable to detach herself from the obsessive codependent relationship, with insiders suggesting Sam is holding on to her meal ticket, no matter how rocky the ride gets.

“They’re always breaking up,” said a source.

“Samantha won’t let Lindsay go, she doesn’t have a career without her.”

But the tumultuous relationship is having the opposite effect on Lindsay’s career. While Sam disappeared to perform a lucrative DJ gig in the hours after Lindsay’s arrest warrant was issued, a distraught Linds reportedly told pals, “This will make me lose every deal I have. It’s horrible.”

She’s also been snubbed by magazine bosses at US Glamour magazine, who reportedly ditched her as the cover star of their recent issue, in favour of Katie Holmes.

Party lifestyle

While friends of Sam have defended the DJ, saying, “She has been a really good influence on Lindsay. They spend weekends like a married couple, going to the supermarket,” the reality tells a different story.

Lindsay spends most weekends traipsing after Sam on her late-night DJ gigs, with trips to the supermarket reserved for stocking up on Red Bull, cigarettes and junk food. As a result, Linds’ weight has plummeted from 61 kilos to a shocking 43 kilos in a matter of months.

Wake-up call
Now pals hope that this latest cop drama will make Lindsay realise just how damaging her explosive relationship with Sam really is.

“I love Lindsay. I’ve been telling everyone this relationship with Sam is toxic. Hopefully this[warrant] is a wake-up call for her because we all really want her to get her life better,” urged Michael Lohan.

Timeline of Destruction

“Since [Sam] came into her life, nothing good has come of it,” blasts Michael Lohan.

April 2004

Career High
After her starring role in Mean Girls, Lindsay had Hollywood at her feet.

March 2006
Meeting Sam
The pair first met at a Young Hollywood party.

July 2006
Faltering career
Georgia Rule producer James G Robinson brands Lindsay a “spoilt brat.”

Nov 2006
Fears Lindsay is self-harming emerge, as she’s pictured with red scars on her wrists.

Dec 2006
Rep revealed Linds had been attending AA meetings for over a month.

January 2007
Checked into rehab in a bid to, “make a positive change in my life.”

May 2007
Busted for DUI after slamming her car into the pavement on LA’s Sunset Boulevard.

June 2007
Back to rehab
Spent six weeks in Malibu Promises Rehab Centre, and checked out wearing an alcohol-monitoring anklet.

July 2007
Arrested again
Arrested again for DUI, driving on a suspended licence, and possession of narcotics.

November 2007
Jail time
Served 84 minutes in jail and was placed on three years probation.

January 2008
Theft charge
Accused of stealing a fur coat from a woman in a New York night club.

September 2008
Back on drugs?
US reports claimed Linds was back on drugs, with one source saying, “She has different dealers in LA and New York. Half the problem is that nobody says no to Lindsay.”

October 2008
Sacked from Ugly Betty after a series of on-set rows.

February 2009
Fears arise that Linds may be self-harming again, after she’s spied with more scars.

March 2009
Warrant issued
An arrest warrant is issued after she allegedly violated the terms of her three-year probation.