Sahar Wahbeh

Sahar Wahbeh

05 Mar 2014

The entrepreneur who makes charity child’s play

When Sahar became a mother and wanted to gift her daughter a special doll that would be symbolic of her childhood for years to come but was unable to find one, it set the wheels in motion for an entrepreneurial endeavour, known as Dumyé, that would change the lives of children throughout the world. 

Formerly a graphic designer, Sahar set about channelling her creativity into constructing a handmade doll for her daughter, but upon hearing the alarming statistic that approximately 17.9 million children in the world are orphaned by both parents, Sahar’s fledgling project took on a higher purpose. She began in 2011 by vowing to infuse her dolls with “karmic goodness”, sourcing organic and sustainable materials for each of her creations, while additionally pledging that for each doll sold, she would donate another to an orphan in the world, focused on bettering the life of a less fortunate child through play. As such, Dumyé has been a labour of love that has taken two years to come to fruition, and although Sahar says that the ride has been far from easy, it has been one of her biggest achievements to date. “It took almost two years of crafting, soul searching, learning and dreaming before I was able to introduce our dolls to the world,” she says. “I am proud of what Dumyé represents and humbled by the overwhelmingly heart-warming response it has received.”

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