Safa Park Iguana Killing

24 Mar 2013

Residents outcry after Dubai teens stone and hang pregnant iguana

Jumeirah residents are up in arms after a pregnant iguana, which had been living peacefully in Safa Park for years, was killed by a gang of teens.

The female iguana was attacked by a group of youths as she crossed the road to an area of sand opposite the park to lay her eggs.

After the stoning by a group of teens and a security guard the body of the lizard was found hanging from a tree.

Angry neighbours reported the incident to Dubai animal advocacy group, Friends of Animals, which has since requested that the police open an investigation, as cruelty against animals is prohibited under UAE law.

"This particular incident serves as good example of mindless cruelty to animals and can help raise awareness to prevent such behaviour,” Gulf News quoted Montserrat Martin, founder of Friends of Animals as saying.  

“Under the UAE Criminal Code, to harm an animal for no reason is a criminal offense. These are living animals and they deserve the respect of humans,” Martin added.

According to UAE Animal Welfare Law, it is illegal to kill an animal in a merciless way, to use slow death means or to cause the animal severe pain without any acceptable reason or rational justification, a police official told Gulf News.

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