Saeed Khamis Al Suwaidi

The Emirati documenting family histories and strengthening community bonds
Tuesday , 04 April 2017
Saeed Khamis Al Suwaidi
Saeed Khamis Al Suwaidi
  • I started documenting oral history from elderly people at the age of 19, and I’ve been doing it for a little over 10 years. This has enabled me to develop a historical research context exceeding 1,000 pages, focusing on genealogy, history, culture, social life and poetry, which includes an extensive family tree database on ruling families and other tribes and clans – documenting their ties with other distant relatives scattered all over the emirates.

  • Over the past year, I’ve published the updated family tree of Al Nayan The Ruling Family of Abu Dhabi, and delivered a number of speeches and lectures. 

  • The biggest lesson I’ve learnt in life and in business is not to procrastinate, ever. The secret to success is loving what you do and if you do that, you’ll never give up. 

  • When I’m not working on my day job as Research Expert at the National Archives, I devote time to my ‘Almawrooth’ initiative after hours and on weekends. From early evening, I spend my time being enlightened by the older generation while documenting their memories on history, culture and genealogy.

  • I’m now working towards publishing my first book and hope to increase my audience through social media channels. 

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