Ryan Reynolds Is Coming To The UAE!

Scenes for his upcoming Netflix film will be filmed in Abu Dhabi
ByPallavi Melwani Monday , 03 September 2018
Ryan Reynolds Is Coming To The UAE!

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds is ready to hit screens again, and this time thanks to a Netflix film titled Six Underground. With a lavish budget of  $125 million (Dh460 million), it is said to be the most expensive Netflix film to ever be made.

Michael Bay, the mastermind behind Transformers and Armageddon, is going to be the director of this film.

Although the exact locations of the shoot are yet to be revealed, a newspaper reported that "location scouts for the movie are currently in Abu Dhabi, finalising where Bay can best shoot a robot exploding over a sand dune."

Alongside Ryan Reynolds, the film will star Rami Malik , Dave Franco and French actress Mélanie Laurent.

It has been confirmed that Skydance Productions will be producing the new Netflix film. This is the same US company that headed the recent Mission Impossible: Fallout shoot in Abu Dhabi.

Filming is said to last as long as six months, so we've got loads of time to track down and get a glimpse of Ryan. Swoon... 

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